Business Process Analysis2019-12-03T11:56:32+00:00

Business process analysis focuses on the individual processes and their interaction with people, systems and technology.

VIIC Service Offering:

  • Current business process cataloguing in order to support process and document configuration management
  • Mapping of current processes where processes are not visible or need to be mapped to a specific notation standard in order to support future process initiatives.
  • Identification of potential improvement areas for specific processes
  • Exposing current process risks that need to be mitigated
  • Identification of current process controls and control weaknesses.
  • Process Catalogue
  • As-Is Processes Maps
  • As -Is Process Simulations
  • Business Process – IT Application Alignment
  • Automation Opportunities
  • Optimisation Opportunities
  • Process Deficiencies
  • Process Control Matrix
  • Automated Process Discovery
  • Process Design

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