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VII Consulting (Pty) Ltd was formed in 2004 based on a business model that promotes strategic alliances, joint ventures and partnerships. The business model, a substantial in-house knowledge base and access to quality resources, enables VIIC to offer its clients a premium service that can address and support a significant portion of their business challenges. The company’s overarching approach is to ensure that all services delivered are in the best interest of the client.

Our Mission is to help implement the business vision of our clients through: flexible, customer centric, resourcing and consulting solutions.

Our Vision is to be the number 1 long term custom solution provider for our clients by consistently delivering successful solutions that reduce cost, risk and uncertainty through attracting developing and retaining experienced, knowledgeable and passionate consultants.

Guiding Principles

……our customers business IS our business…….

At VII Consulting we endeavour to make it our business to understand our customer’s ever changing business challenges in order to help innovate and adapt for commercial success.

……change is the only constant…………..

At VII Consulting we recognise that it is the way in which change is responded to and managed that plays an essential, and much needed part, in our customer’s success. The awareness of change is an integral part in all our methodologies and offered solutions. We align our resources and methodologies to the outcomes sought by your objectives and plans, in order to embed change and ensure your longevity in the market place.

……our customers’ success is our success…………

VIIC will ensure that the solutions are delivered on time, within budget and have fulfilled or exceeded all the criteria of the client’s brief. VII Consulting will end its engagement leaving the client better equipped to compete in the market. Intending to have our services marketed by word of mouth, VII Consulting will do its utmost to exit the engagement with its reputation enhanced. The company’s primary principle is to ensure that all services delivered are in the best interest of the client.

…….good people are at the heart of good solutions……..

Our consultants are chosen and assigned, using criteria based not only on formal qualifications, but also aptitude, learning ability, experience, interactive personal skills and client fit. All consultants specialise in niche areas and have in-depth understanding of their particular industry and relevant solutions. In areas that we found VIIC wanting we have also formed strategic alliances, joint ventures and partnerships in order to broaden our access to resources and increasing our Body of Knowledge.

These skills combined with practical methodologies and management structures, ensures successful delivery for our clients, and mature relationships between us and our clients.