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VII Consulting has expensive project management experience in multiple industry segments and application areas. Certified project managers apply acknowledged best practice project management methods and tools that are visible and accessible. The company’s methodologies and tools are available for use on all projects. The following are key services that VII Consulting can provide:

  • Dedicated project Management – Full time resource to develop and manage a project plan
  • Scope Management – Plan, define and manage project scope
  • Time & Cost Management – Create a project schedule, plan resources and budget costs
  • Quality Management – Develop a quality plan and carry out quality assurance and quality control activities
  • Communications Management – Develop a communications plan
  • Risk Management – Identify risks, prepare risk mitigation plans and execute contingency actions

Project Management Office

Effective and consistent project management practices are a key factor in the success of projects. Establishing a Project Management Office (PMO) enables you to establish PM best practices and achieve consistency in the use of those practices on all projects. VII Consulting has experience in establishing a PMO and offers the following services:

Mentoring – Mentoring the Business Sponsors and Project Managers to ensure consistent output and informed decision making.
Program Directorship and Quality Assurance – Provision of senior Program Director / Manager to ensure consistent and quality review and reporting into the Program Office.

Outsourcing PMO – Obtaining external program management expertise (in the absence of internal capability) to manage the Program.
PMO review and audits – Conducting a health check of processes within the PMO to ensure quality review and reporting of projects.

Program Culture Maturity Review – Review of the maturity from the beginning of the setting up of the Program Office to current state.

PMO Implementation and transition – Ensuring that the PMO is set up to meet the needs of the business and the complexity of the Program, and that the right level of capability exists.

Coordination – Providing administration support to the Program Manager in the successful running of a Program Office